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We have had our property on the market for just under a year.

Please could you give me some advice...
I was wondering if you could give me some advice...
We have had our property on the market for just under a year. Our contract with our estate agent expires at the end of July. Another agent contacted us and persuaded us to let them 'market' our property and not 'advertise' it, to avoid the other estate agents finding out. I was initially reluctant (as I didn't want to end up paying 2 lots of fees). I agreed as our other estate agents have not provided a great service, and the new agents said they would provide us with a contract that said we would not have to pay them any fees if our original agents found out and we ended up having to pay them.

Our contract with the initial agents does say we have to pay them if we sell within 6 months to someone they originally introduced.

Low and behold - one of the first people the new agents sent round has made an offer, and they previously viewed our property through the original agents!

I expressed my concerns to the new agents - whom we have still not signed a contract with. They said there is no way the initial agents would find out, and we should just say to them that we want to take the property off the market.

How 'true' do you think this is? Do they look into properties that have sold later down the line, to claim any fees they are entitiled to?

I have not signed anything with the new agents, so I guess I don't legally have to pay them anything?

I would rather not lie to the original agent, even if it means loosing our buyer.

Please help, I am also 35 weeks pregnant, so this is causing me a lot of stress!

Many Thanks,
I wouldn't have anything to do with an estate agent who acted in this way. There are many good agent s out there. I would contact the original agent and tell them the story. A buyer is not tied to a particular agent and has no legal obligation. If they like the hosue, and it's on sale though a different agent, it makes no difference to them. Tell the buyer to contact the original agent and let the agents work it out!
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