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BuyAssociationNew land value capture inquiry could influence UK property pricesBuyAssociationIn the UK, land value capture is a way of monetising increasing land and property values and investing the cash into local infrastructure, but ongoing calls for a rethink of the methods used has sparked a Government inquiry. The inquiry, which has been ...and more »
Belfast TelegraphNorthern Ireland commercial property 'offers best rate of return ...Belfast TelegraphNorthern Ireland's commercial property market offers businesses and investors a higher rate of return than elsewhere in the UK and in big cities like Dublin, it's been claimed.and more »
Belfast TelegraphNorthern Ireland commercial property 'offers best rate of return across UK and Ireland'Belfast TelegraphAccording to commercial property and real estate services adviser CBRE's Northern Ireland Outlook 2018, prime yields - the annual rent achieved from a property divided by the property's value - are higher across all sectors in Northern Ireland. Andrew ...and more »
City A.M.City Moves for 22 January 2018 - who's switching jobs at Thrings, Polymateria and Linklaters?City A.M.Coming to Thrings from City law firm Banks Kelly Solicitors, Fionnuala has built her reputation in the areas of retail, property development and property trading. Fionnuala, who has more than 20 years' experience advising businesses on the full ...
Independent.ieBirrane's UK-based Peer Group sets €285m target for property portfolioIndependent.ieIts profit was down significantly from last year's €25m, which had been boosted by a substantial increase in the value of its properties. However turnover for the firm, in the form of rental income, was up slightly - from €12.75m in 2016 to €14m for ...
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Thatch - the facts
The Party Wall Act
Title Deeds - what if they're missing?
Under the stairs - make the most of your space!
Viewing Property Internally
Walls - Kirsty's Tips for making the most of Easter Decorating
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