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NIGERIAN TRIBUNE (press release) (blog)[ May 26, 2017 ] How Justice Ajumogobia collected N18m loan to buy property in UK —Witness Top NewsNIGERIAN TRIBUNE (press release) (blog)The founder, Cheif Executive Officer of Arkleel Oil and Gas, Dr Gregory Ero, on Friday, lamented before an Ikeja High Court how embattled Federal High Court Judge, Justice Rita Ofili Ajumogobia stopped picking his calls after she borrowed N18 million ...
Revealed: The best places for UK investment property in futureWhat InvestmentAccording to the research, despite an uncertain economic and political climate, the UK property market remains buoyant with prices in areas across the UK set to rise by an average of 6.1 per cent by 2021, bringing the average value of a UK property to ...
HuffPost UKThe AI Intellectual Property DebateHuffPost UKThe 'infinite monkey theorem' suggests that a monkey, hitting the keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will, at some point, type out William Shakespeare's Hamlet. A website called The Mary Sue recently calculated the ...
Citywire.co.ukJames Carthew: Brexit isn't all bad news for UK propertyCitywire.co.ukIn the UK, he sees challenges to retail property from over-indebted consumers and a lack of real wage growth, and Brexit-related weakening in demand for London offices. Against that, he thinks low levels of speculative development and property ...
Express.co.ukSeaside view: How a home by the sea could be more affordable than you thinkExpress.co.uk"But our research has found that, even on a small budget, if it's the sea view you dream of having, it's possible to buy a property in the UK with spectacular sea views, without breaking the bank. “There's likely to be quite a lot of competition for ...
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Floors - Kirsty's Tips for making the most of Easter Decorating

Easter and May Day holidays have always been a popular time for redecorating and home improvements. The spring weather and longer days encourage even the most reluctant DIYer to de-clutter, carry out home maintenance and have a general spruce up after the ravages of Winter. So, if you’re planning on donning the overalls over the holidays, then gen up first on what are the home decorating trends for 2012.13-04-2012

Again the emphasis is on using sustainable products and with flooring there are a couple of real leaders.
Bamboo is an environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood as the floor is made from grass rather than wood and the trees can be replaced more easily.

Cork is probably the best all round environmentally friendly product available. No trees need to be cut down to produce cork. It is naturally fire and mould resistant, has sound and thermal insulation qualities, is soft to touch and comfortable to stand on. It’s also easier to care for than hard wood.

For those wanting instant vintage, using reclaimed wooden floors complete with cracks, holes and nail marks is a great way of giving and old floor a new home.

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