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The Australian Financial ReviewKKR's Rosenberg says London property prices could fall 10pc on BrexitThe Australian Financial ReviewThe value of high-quality properties in London could fall by as much as 10 per cent as the UK's decision to leave the European Union affects the economy, said Ralph Rosenberg, head of real estate for KKR & Co. "I wouldn't be surprised to see London ...
Telegraph.co.ukMore than a third of homes for sale in London have asking prices slashedTelegraph.co.ukMore than a third of properties for sale in London have had asking prices slashed in a sign of an increasing slowdown in the capital's property market. Some 35pc of homes have had their prices reduced in July, up from 29.7pc in February, according to ...
Daily MailThe seven rules of buying a 'doo-er upper' home: Renovating a property can be a challenge, but if you get it right ...Daily MailIt joins plenty of others aimed at the would-be first-time property renovation set, including renovateme.co.uk, houzz.co.uk and periodproperty.co.uk. But don't be fooled. Experts say renovations are not for the faint-hearted and can take months or even ...
Telegraph.co.ukThe buy-to-let stampede begins: 'How best to sell my 37 properties?'Telegraph.co.ukLike hundreds of thousands of his generation, Graeme Cook turned to property as his favoured means of amassing wealth. But he started earlier than most, and went into it on a far greater scale. And now, like one in five landlords, Mr Cook, 53, wants an ...
Express.co.ukProperty news: CRASH predicted by experts would see house prices drop to £70000Express.co.ukLast time the market crashed, in 2007, it took nearly seven years for the average UK house price to return to its previous peak of £190,000. However, two regions are yet to fully recover at all from the 2007 crash. If the UK property market were to ...
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Floors - Kirsty's Tips for making the most of Easter Decorating

Easter and May Day holidays have always been a popular time for redecorating and home improvements. The spring weather and longer days encourage even the most reluctant DIYer to de-clutter, carry out home maintenance and have a general spruce up after the ravages of Winter. So, if you’re planning on donning the overalls over the holidays, then gen up first on what are the home decorating trends for 2012.13-04-2012

Again the emphasis is on using sustainable products and with flooring there are a couple of real leaders.
Bamboo is an environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood as the floor is made from grass rather than wood and the trees can be replaced more easily.

Cork is probably the best all round environmentally friendly product available. No trees need to be cut down to produce cork. It is naturally fire and mould resistant, has sound and thermal insulation qualities, is soft to touch and comfortable to stand on. It’s also easier to care for than hard wood.

For those wanting instant vintage, using reclaimed wooden floors complete with cracks, holes and nail marks is a great way of giving and old floor a new home.

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