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How To Get Rid Of A Cold Sore?
Valtrex Helps Cold Sores Vanish - One Day of Treatment All That's Needed.
Here's good news for cold sore sufferers. Just one day of treatment with a medication called Valtrex makes the unsightly, painful sores disappear faster.
Valtrex (Valacyclovir 0.5/1g) is used for treating shingles (herpes zoster), cold sores (fever blisters or herpes labialis), and treating or suppressing genital herpes in patients with normal immune systems. It is also used to suppress genital herpes in patients with HIV infection.
Where And How To Buy Valtrex?
If you cannot get a prescription or find a compounding pharmacy that can make the medication for you, there is another option. You can purchase Valtrex on-line from a reputable pharmacy. They sell Valtrex and will ship it to you without a prescription. Orders can be paid for with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Reviews For Valtrex When Used In The Treatment Of Cold Sores:
"I'm a 40 year old UPS guy. I started getting cold sores 3 years ago. They used to happen only when I was working out in the cold but now in the middle of July. They always last 2 weeks. I've tried Abreva, Lycine, campo-phenique, ice, limiting argonine-rich foods, nothing worked. Today, day 3 of abreva and campo-phenique failing, I was full blown, huge pustules on my lip looking like they were about to explode so went to my doctor. I took 1GM of valtrex this AM and within 45 minutes it started feeling different and my lip started tingling. By 5PM it was softer/less pressure. I took another 1GM at 7PM. I just looked in the mirror at 10PM and the pustules are much smaller and never popped. So far so good!"
"I've had cold sores since I was a kid and have only recently started taking Valtrex but I have to say, this stuff is a game changer! I usually get a cold sore about once a year and it last any where from a week to two weeks. I'm an entertainer so they always seem to pop up right around a big gig so you can imagine the anguish it creates. I eat healthy and workout regularly so that cuts down on their frequency but they still occasionally pop up. My doctor recently prescribed me the medication and I had completely forgotten about it until I woke up the day before a big gig with a significant bump and serious redness. I immediately took two 1mg tablets and two more later before bed in conjunction with abreva. By morning it was gone!"
"I have had cold sores since I have been a child. I would get them about every six weeks. I would treat them as soon as,I felt the the tingle.. A year ago I was getting tests done in preparation for a trip to Germany.. I had a fever blister. Dr prescribed Valtrex.. I took one pill for two days... I have not had another break out in over a year..miracle for me."
"Valtrex is the only way to go. I have suffered with fever blisters as long as I can remember and they are just miserable. I get them when I run fever, sunburn on my lips, or are really stressed. Woke up with one this morning...I took Valtrex, and it will be gone by nightfall. My son also has problems with fever blisters, but they break out underneath his eye. Since he has been taking Valtrex, he has not had any problems. I also had the Shingles vaccine, which has cut down on my fever blister outbreaks unbelievably. I still get them, but usually as a result of illness. This is the best medication to come out to fight the herpes virus, ever!"
"I take Valtrex on a semi-regular basis to help my immune system. For example, I take one per day plus vitamin D and never get a cold sore. I did this for six months so I wouldn't have one at my daughters wedding! They always appear when I am stressed or in the sun. I still take them a few times a week and use an SPF sunscreen everyday which helps a lot. It can be expensive but I will pay anything if it works, forget the over counter stuff."
"I've been getting cold sores for a while now and before Valtrex, none of the creams would help and I wouldn't notice a difference. Now when I feel a little bump I take Valtrex right away, 4 pills asap then another 4 a few hours later. If I catch it early enough it won't go past the little bump and will be cleared up by the next day. If I catch it a little too late (sometimes they like to show up while I'm sleeping). I still take Valtrex and I will get the outbreak but no swelling, blister. Still clears in 3 days. I also use polysporin patches. This stuff is the closest thing to a cure right now. My doctor says take 1 pill a day around the times of the year I usually get them and sometimes I can go a year or year and a half without one."
"I used to get cold sores frequently and have become so anxious about getting them that I keep a script for Valtrex in my wallet. After three years being cold sore free, I felt the burn and saw a patch of redness on my top lip. I immediately went to the pharmacy, filled the script and took my first gram of Valtrex within an hour of the first tingling/burning. I went to bed and woke up perfectly fine [and took the second dosage nonetheless]. I have no cold sore, no redness, nothing. I can't begin to tell you how much of a relief it was to wake up without that horrible throbbing swollen blister. I so highly recommend this. I can't imagine being without it now."
"I've struggled my whole life with cold sores. Having this horrible problem since I was 2 years old I've been through almost every treatment for them. I've discovered for me it's always either stress, dramatic change in weather, ranch dressing, or sun/tanning bed that make them appear. Valtrex helps so much! I take four in the morning and four at night for only one day and it works amazing. I also use Viroxyn. It's magical too. These two are the only thing that seem to help mine!"
"I get cold sores maybe once or twice a year. I keep valtrex on hand and if I take it quick enough when I have the feeling one is coming on, it won't even appear, if I wake up and I have the tingly feeling on my lip and I take it, it will reduce it significantly.when you feel the tingling make sure you take the full dose not just one. Also the cold sore healing patches by polysporin are amazing! If you get a full out cold sore and put these on It will shrink it almost down to nothing."
"I ALWAYS get cold sores every time I get sick, so this morning when I woke up (after being sick all night) I noticed a little bump. I was so upset, I got so tired of cold sores. Every time I get them, they are huge and awful looking. So, I went to the doctor for the first time about my cold sores, and was prescribed Valtrex and I was only given 4 pills, and it was instructed to take all 4 pills in one day, I was a bit disappointed in that, though. I took all 4, and went to bed. Usually by the next morning (without medication) the cold sore gets bigger, but this time it didnt! I still had a small bump, but it would have been worse without the medication. From someone who suffers from bad cold sores, I am SO happy with this medicine!"
"I'd suffered quite a few breakouts of cold sore before discovering Valtrex so I know the pain and the lengthy healing process all too well. This literally stops cold sore in its track the moment you take it. Whatever condition the cold sore is in when you take the medicine, it would not get worse, only better so the sooner the better. If you take it AFTER the cold sore has become blister(s), it will stop the blister from multiplying BUT you would have to deal with the blisters bursting exposing the ulcer and then the healing of the ulcer. If you take it at the tingling/itchy stage of the cold sore BEFORE any blister is formed, you should be able to get away with the break out altogether. Goodluck!"
"I've been getting cold sores since I was 10yrs old and they get really bad. As I've gotten older they only occur once a year if I'm really stressed, not getting enough rest and not eating right. Talk about embarrasing it spreads across my entire upper lip then the crust and scab process is awful and unsightly mines usually last about 3 weeks..Sucks in a major way!! Went to the MD in the middle of this out break because is was spreading and I was totally depressed she prescribed Valtrex every 8 hours for seven days I've taken two so far and the blisters stopped forming wish I would have taken it at the first sign. I'm impressed with this medication I will be monitoring to see if it helps with healing and pain."
"This stuff works better than anything else. Don't waste your time with all the OTC stuff. After I started Valtrex my cold sore was gone in two days"
"Valtrex is truly the only cold sore medication that will act fast and diminish your pain and blisters within days You will start feeling relief in hours. No other cold sore medication can compete. The only downside is you have to get a prescription for it. Depending on your insurance it could be fair to pricey. If you are like me and suffer from HSV 1 & 2 ask your doctor for 30-60 tablets. Most doctors will only prescribe the recommended dosage for treatment. (5 tablets) with 1 refill. It's such a pain having to go back to doctors when you have a simple outbreak. This will ensure a good supply for whenever you might need it. Always works FASTEST when taken at first sign of sore."
"I've had HSV1 ever since I was 2. I had an outbreak then and again when I was 9 or 10. I'd forgotten that I even had the virus until a week ago. I got a new lip piercing and 3 days into the healing, my lip blistered. It had been 25 years since my last cold sore but I remembered what those blisters meant. I wasn't able to get to the doctor until two days later. By then, the blisters had broken open and were all crusted over. I took 2 of the Valtrex as soon as I got them and another 2, 12 hours later. Within a few hours the pain started going away. The terrible burning was gone. It's been 2 days since my last dose and my cold sore is in it's final healing stage. With the little scabs. My lip is flat again & the only pain is from the piercing."
"I got cold sores since I was kid. I'm 24 yrs old now and get them about 4 times a year due to stress or if I get sick or something. I got prescribed Valtrex 3 years ago and it has done wonders. Once I feel the tingling I would take a pill and literally the cold sore would stop in its tracks. Even if it starts to show a little such as a deep red I just take a Valtrex and it would stop and then I would get some make up and cover the redness and you wouldn't even be able to tell."
"I have had cold sores for my entire life. When I was a baby, I used to get them in and around my eyes, which was a terrifying experience for my parents, as I could have lost my sight. I was prescribed Valtrex after I had reached the beginning stages of puberty, and it is absolutely amazing! If you take it right when you feel the tingle, the cold sore will not even appear, and if you take it when the blisters have just formed, they will not worsen. And for those who have a fully formed monster cold sore, never fear! Valtrex will shorten the healing time drastically, for me about 3 days."
"Every time I tell someone about this miracle medicine, I am hoping that they are listening to me. If you get cold sores this is ESSENTIAL. I never leave home without it. I use it in combination with L-Lysine to reduce symptoms. I am getting one right now and did not feel the tingle so I am hoping it will still work. Sometimes there is just no getting rid of a nasty tough one. I am 23 years old and when I have a cold sore I absolutely obsess over it and I try to hide my face as much as possible. I hope they someday find a CURE for this virus but in the meantime Valtrex is amazing!"
"I contracted the disease thanks to my then-boyfriend, whose whole family, including himself, got them. I tried everything to make them go away - Carmex, Campho-Phenique (which was just ridiculous), even ice. Nothing worked. My then - boyfriend finally got a prescription for Denavir, which only worked once. It helped heal the cold sores, but never prevented them. Valtrex was prescribed to me and I never got them. "
"I was one of those "just live with your cold sore outbreaks" people until I was introduced to Valtrex. Stress triggers my cold sores and I tried everything over the counter. Abreva made my outbreaks worse and I became pretty hopeless at this point. Long story short, at college I had such a big outbreak I decided to see the Health Center & I was prescribed just 1 Valtrex tab about 2 days into the outbreak. The morning after I took the pill, I felt like days had gone by because it had healed so fast. If you get cold sores, you do not need to deal for 10 days. If you take a Valtrex at the first sign of symptoms, either your blister does not even form, or you're looking at a 2 day hassle as opposed to a day 10 disaster."
"So yesterday morning (Sunday) I woke up with a cluster of little blisters on my top lip. This has never happened before. I tried to go to the doctor but they were closed already by the time I got there. I took off work today and went in and they prescribed the 2grams valacyclovir twice a day. I took the first dose right away and the blisters seem to have flattened out already. I will take the second dose tonight. I hope by morning they are mostly cleared up, or at least they clear up before Saturday as I have big events going on this coming weekend. The reviews on here give me hope that it will clear up fast with Valtrex. Wish I would have gone earlier yesterday to get it!"
"PROS: Valtrex stops cold sores in its tracks. If you already broken out it wont get any worse. If you're the type that breaks out from kissing take it an hour before the date. Feel embarrassed, have doctor write for "cold sores" on the prescription. CONS: Need prescription. Some doctors look at you weird or wont prescribe for cold sores.(That was 10 years ago most likely before it was widely used for cold sores). Other options: Try Carmex lip balm it will say for cold sores on it. Its cheap and over the counter. Use it daily as preventive."
"I'm 24 years old as a young female a cold sore was terror. I have always gotten them on and off throughout out the year and more so in the winter. As I got older stress and worry would trigger a cold sore and when I thought I had it healed another would come up right next to it. I tried everything OTC and anything to dry it out. Needless to say I was torturing myself until I mentioned to my Dr that I get them under stress and once one healed another came along. He suggested Valtrex 500 mg and to take one tablet everyday! I haven't had a cold sore since. And I've had a ton of stress since. My Dr is amazing and this is a miracle medication. "
"Where to begin...I have had cold sores for life. All year round, at least a few each month. Parents told me I have suffered from them when I was only 10 days old. They took me multiple times to emerge due the overwhelming appearance that you can imagine on an infant face. Growing up it never got easier. I had multiple blistering cold sores all around my mouth and also all around my nose even in my nose. There are many things that would trigger it such as stress, fever, dehydration. My skin was very sensitive to the point that when the dentist used to stretch my mouth to clean it I would get it. I have tried everything possible and only Valtrex worked for me. Now when I get it, it's once in a blue moon (when I'm dehydrated)."
"For those who are prescribed Valtrex who then report they have not gotten relief--make sure your next prescription is not filled with the generic version. That happened to me, I had been taking Valtrex for about 10 years with great success. Then it stopped working to my dismay. I realized the prescription bottle contained the generic version. I had to go back to my dr and explain the generic version's ineffectiveness on me and to specify NO GENERIC. I'm back on Valtrex and it works wonderfully."
"I've been a cold sore sufferer for years. Growing up, I used to get outbreaks at least ten times a year, unfortunately, Valtrex wasn't around. About a year and a half ago, I got a terrible cold sore, while really sick, and it was my most painful and depressing one I've ever gotten. I went to the doctors and he then prescribed me Valtrex. I filled it right away. Even though my sore was full blown, ugly, and visible, he directed me to take 2g and then another 12 hours later another 2 grams. So I did exactly what he said. I woke up the next morning and what a difference. A sore I would of had for two weeks, was already completely scabbed overnight. Two weeks turned to six days, if that."
"By far the best (and only) medication to ever help my cold sores. I would get large painful blisters at the center of my upper lip that would stretch out to below my nose. They would take a week to break open, and at least a week but usually two for the scab to heal over and after that I would deal with a large red patch of skin there for another several weeks before fading back to normal. With my last outbreak I had Valtrex on hand and took the first dose within a few hours and two days later it's almost completely healed and no one has even been able to tell I had/have a sore. I will always have this medication on hand! I've been dealing with these for 10 years, not to oversell it but this medication has changed my life!"
"Been dealing with cold sores for 26 years now. As soon as I feel the tingle I grab 2 Valtrex from my glove compartment or back pack combined with Denavir cream and I'm going on 2 years with no visible outbreaks. Officially have the perfect herpes weapon. Even though the medication is expensive it is so worth it because you only take it when you need it if your able to tell when you may get one."
"I have had cold sores since I was a little kid and I'm always super mad and shocked a lot of the time that I wake up and find one. You would think after getting them forever that you would KNOW when you are getting one. Have used Zovirax, then Abreva became available and if you could time it right it worked AWESOME. I'm a smoker so I frequently spread the cold sores around my mouth, just as one is healing another will show up. Two months of continuous cold sores hurts and is embarrassing. My friend told me about Valtrex a year ago after having cold sore after cold sore. After the first dose the sore shriveled up, second dose they were scabbed and healing. Huge help with the pain factor too. Amazing, if you haven't already, TRY IT!"
"I am 21 years old and I've been getting cold sores since I even remember. I am a new yorker so every winter there I am bound to wake up with multiple cold sores! My term saw me one day and prescribed me Valtrex. Life saver! It stops the itching and by the next day your cold sore is gone! I have tried everything else. "
"As a 20 year old girl, a huge, ugly cold sore is pretty much one of the most unsightly things that could happen to your face. I've been getting them literally once a month since I was 11, guess I caught it at my gymnastics gym sharing water, and nothing has been more helpful than 2g of Valtrex at the FIRST sign. No OTC treatment ever shortened my healing time, but Valtrex completely stops the blisters in their tracks. If I take it right when I feel the tingle/bump, it USUALLY never even breaks the skin. I would highly recommend this medicine to anyone with a cold sore problem."
"I have suffered from cold sores since I was 3 months old. I'm now 25, I suffered bad cold sores with anything that I was emotional over. The big one is stress. My problem was I always missed the tingle, I would go to bed fine and wake up the next day with my whole bottom lip swollen, full of blisters. Over time it progressed to my cheek. Above my eyebrow, my chin and all my glands would swell. One day I woke up and couldn't open my eye. I had blisters all over my eyelid and it was completely swollen from my forehead down my cheek and the area in between. I was on every medicine. I was put on Valtrex 500mg and for the last 3 yrs and I have had very little breakouts and severity has decreased. Only side effect was dry skin but wont stop me taking it, never felt so confident."
"Approx 1 week ago I started to feel and see a little dot starting to swell. I called my Dr immediately to request a prescription for Valtrex. However, my pharmacy provided me with the generic brand. I used the generic for 4 days 500mg the swelling slowed down but I could still feel the itch and new the generic wasn't working. I had a prescription put in for the name brand Valtrex after 1 day the dot started to go down and dry up. Valtrex is the way to go for cold sore survivors."
"I woke up Day 1 with a Tighten lip, I reached for the Abreva, I put it on 5x a day the first day. I woke up the cold sore was twice it size my lip was so swollen, Day 2 I started using 200mg of acyclovir it seemed to help a little bit not much. After speaking back with my doctor he decided to give me Valtrex 2000mg 2x a day for 1 day. After my first dose I notice my lip wasn't as swollen, I take my second dose tonight at 11. I will keep you guys updated on how I'm doing! I hope it works as good as everyone says!"
"When I say I have NEVER, EVER taken/applied any medication to my cold sores before that is as effective as Valtrex, I MEAN IT. I have been dealing with this virus forever and I have tried everything. My doctor gave me a prescription to have on hand and 3 weeks ago, as I was afraid to ask for it at the pharmacy. 2 days ago though, when I woke up with that infamous tingle I ran and filled it up. I messed up the dosage but once I caught up, it REALLY began to disappear. By mid 2nd day, it was practically flat and I typically swell badly. Its day 3 and I'm back to normal. Thank God for Valtrex! Try it."
"This was my third breakout ever! And worst ever. I am 24 yrs old if that helps. Well a small sore began to develop on my bottom lip. Friday morning my doctor prescribed Valtrex 500mg every 12hrs. I took 1000mg by 10am. Second dose by 8pm.It is now 12:45 pm Saturday and my lip is almost back to its normal size and it is almost completely dry and in scabbing stage. Dont hesitate!"
"I hate cold sores. I have gotten them sporadically for years and have tried it all. I had taken acyclovir pills and found that they did not help once the sore had broken the skin. Yesterday I woke up with a sore forming and FREAKED. I have a black tie event this weekend and needed it GONE. I ran to my Dr. and took my first dose of Valtrex around 11am. I did notice that it didn't really get bigger, but it wasn't disappearing. I took my second dose and went to sleep, this morning I woke up and while the sore is still there, it's already scabbed and MUCH better. I think it should be in a great place tomorrow for my event. While it didn't clear it up completely - it helped SO much in 24 hours. Now I can at least use some concealer!"
"I only use this medication if I have a cold sore forming on my lip. Valtrex ( valacyclovir ) greatly reduces the healing time as it keeps the cold sore from getting larger if taken upon onset of "tingle" sensation. In the long run helps prevent scaring on my face."
"Valtrex works. Around Christmas I got a cold sore and didn't have any on hand and wasn't able to get any - and that cold sore was the worst I've had in ages. It lasted a good 10 days and was huge. I've always taken Valtrex as soon as I feel one coming on, and it has always knocked it out almost immediately. It stops it in its tracks and the healing begins. The difference between using Valtrex and not using it, in my experience, is night and day. I highly recommend always having it on hand. 2 grams for the first dose, then 2 grams 12 hours later has always worked for me."
"2 pills 2x a day. This makes my cold sore heal so quickly. A few months ago I felt one coming and bit open a little pustule (the baby liquid filled blister) NOTE: do NOT bite or puncture these open if possible. Once the liquid is out it spreads the virus and that makes it become to ugly huge cold core we all know. So if you don't pop those, that helps the healing process sPeed up. I took 2 Valtrex as soon as I accidentally bit one open then 2 pills at night and my cold sore never got big or obvious. As I get older and stress takes it's toll, I have been prone to cold sores yearly, and Valtrex has made my life better. I also have Zovirax topical ointment I put on if the cold sore is big. So I double on my fighting power."
"I have around 6 or more cold sore episodes a year - they are terrible. I finally tried Valtrex and it's amazing. I took it just as I noticed a red spot forming. I took 2g and then 2g 12 hours later. The cold sore still formed the next day but never got "crusty" - just redness and slight swelling. It was basically gone in 4-5 days. I think next time I'll take it for 2 days to see if that works better. I've tried the prescription creams but they didn't always work well for me. I'm a believer in Valtrex. Wish I had this years ago."
"Valtrex is fantastic if used correctly for cold sores. For adults the dose is 2 grams at first symptom of a cold sore, followed by 2 grams 12 hours later. That's it. Now the key is getting that first dose right when you feel the first symptom (tingling, burning, swelling etc.) This medicine has worked great for me and usually prevents the sore from breaking the skin, thus no one even knowing I was getting a cold sore. Anyone who gets cold sores knows how awful they are and how long they take to heal. I have not had as much success with acyclovir. Be sure you always have some Valtrex on hand. If you wait until you get a cold sore before calling the doctor, it's probably too late, but take it anyway to reduce healing time."
"I read all the reviews on here and I wonder what went wrong with me. I have been plagued by cold sores regularly since a young girl and just the last few years my outbreaks have been considerably lessened to about once a year, more recently it's been almost two years since my last one. When at the doctors a few months ago, I knew the winter time was the most frequent time for me to get a cold sore I requested a prescription from my doctor and she prescribed Valtrex. This morning, I woke up with tightness is my lip, no tingling, and immediately took my first dose of it ever and it got progressively worse all day. I convinced myself after the second dosage, it would get better and it didn't. It spread further up my lip. Any advice."
"Valtrex is EXCELLENT. I, like most of you here, take it when I feel a slight tingle or little tiny cut on my lip. I just down about 4 of them and it's gone before it begins. I haven't had one cold sore in over 1 year now and I only got the virus about a year and a half ago. As you get older, the virus tends to be beat down by your body's natural immune system. "
"A few years ago I would have given this medicine a 10 but lately for me it has not been as effective as it used to be. I got a breakout a few days ago and treated it with a Valtrex 1 day cycle. Today I broke out with another cold sore even though I just took the medicine. This has happened before too. I will do another cycle but I don't know if it will help. I will say that the sores are smaller when I take Valtrex but still last about 7 days. Supposedly you cannot build a tolerance to this medicine but I seem to have."
"I've had cold sores my entire life, recently I've been getting outbreak after outbreak. Each one increasing in severity. Last week I started to get what I thought was going to be a minor outbreak as I had just recovered from my last one the week before. I got online and started researching homeopathic remedies, OTC (Abreva, Releev, l lysine, Campho) only seem to work if I use it at just the right time. So I starting trying all the home remedies I read about. Hydrogen peroxide, ice, tea bag, toothpaste, etc. Well, nothing worked. After missing 4 days of school and barely sleeping all week I went to an urgent care, I was prescribed Valtrex. The new sores stopped forming almost immediately and the older ones started healing very fast."
"Let me start by saying (1) I'm compulsive in terms of researching everything (2) I get the worst cold sores known to man and my lip blows up about 4x. With all that said, Valtrex is the real deal. A cold sore is a Virus (as I'm sure you all know by now) that injects its own foreign DNA into your cells which in turn mutates them which is why you get a cold sore - the way Valtrex works is by blocking the viruses ability to inject its own DNA into your cells. So, if you take Valtrex at the FIRST sign of "tingling", you may never develop a cold sore. I on the other hand developed a sore this past Tuesday (took Valtrex too late), have been taking Valtrex every 12 hours since, and it is now Friday, my lip is fully deflated and scabbed."
"First outbreak was HORRIBLE. Once I got Valtrex in my system, the outbreak cleared up within two days. Lysine helps prevent outbreaks and is for immune health. Has been working well for me and haven't had any real problems since first outbreak."
"I am 34 years old and have been a sufferer of cold sores from the age of 9 or 10. I asked my doctor about treatment and she prescribed Valtrex for me in 2002. When I get that tingling feeling in my lip I take a pill then take one exactly 12 hours later. I have not had a visible cold sore in nearly 10 years. Valtrex is a little expensive, about $4.00 per pill, and I use about 15-20 pills per year. As a long time user I would definitely recommend this medicine to anyone."
"AMAZING. Valtrex 2 grams in the morning (first noticed) within 4 hours, they began drying up already. Took 2 more grams 12 hours from first dosage. Then for next 5 days, took 500mg twice daily. It was healed by 4th day. Literally amazing. Brand Valtrex also-seems to work better than the generics, at least for me and am now on a suppressive to prevent outbreaks. "
"Valtrex works wonders. As a 20 year old college student, exam time usually involves catching a cold and high stress, and the perfect formula for cold sores. Last night I started feeling one start to pop up around 8pm. I got home around 9:30pm and popped two 1 gram pills of Valtrex. At 9:30am today I got up and took two more. The cold sore did bubble up some but never got swollen, nasty and red. Its 5:30 pm now and its almost completely gone! Without the Valtrex, I would be sporting a disgusting throbbing blister for a couple days followed by a week of waiting for a scab to heal. I'll take the 24 hour cold sore over that any day. Please, if you suffer from these painful, embarrassing cold sores, try to get a prescription."
"I am reading these responses and it makes me feel so hopeful. I felt my bottom lip burning and itching this morning and ran home to use Abreva, then made a doctors appointment and was prescribed Valtrex one day treatment. It's been 5 hours my blisters are still there, but at least they don't seem like they're growing, still itching and uncomfortable though. I am supposed to see my boyfriend and his family this weekend so I'm really hoping it dissolves very soon."
"I don't write too many reviews but I wanted to let you know that this medicine really works. I woke up with tingling on my lip and knew exactly what it was, then 4 hours later another one appeared. I immediately started putting Zovirax on my cold sores every 2 hours. I woke up the next morning to find another one starting. I knew that I couldn't handle 3 of these hideous things on my face and I had heard from a drug rep that Valtrex really worked. But, she wasn't sure if it worked AFTER they had been present for a day or two. I called my doctor and she prescribed Valtrex -36 hrs after they started. I can honestly say that it worked. In 3 days, there was nothing but a simple little red mark on my lips."
"My doctor prescribed doses similar to shingles victims. I would recommend using this with Denavir. I had a cold sore in the morning, and four days later it is almost gone. It went from the initial stage to scab stage in one day. Valtrex is definitely worth it."
"My outbreaks are something that could be seen on the Discovery health channel as an extreme case. My lip swells to a grotesque size if not treated and I would literally shut myself in for 4-5 days and have one trusted friend (who would see my monstrosity) bring me groceries and take my kid to school and bring her back...I would cry whenever I saw myself in the mirror. This would happen about once a year. Then I took Valtrex....Once you feel a tingling, take two right away...then another two 6-8 hours later..then keep the pattern going for a few days after it's gone to ensure it won't come right back..use Abreva at the onset as well...and relax, sleep, and eat smoking. If you do this, it'll be gone within 3-4 days."
"I have never actually taken Valtrex, but I took my first pill today. Swelling seems to have gone down, and the pain has gone down quite a bit. Hopefully by Monday, it will be completely gone if I continue to take Valtrex. "
"I had been getting cold sores every other week, and one popped up on the day I was to meet my boyfriends parents, so embarrassing. It was already starting to blister as well, so I took Valtrex, the first 4 pills at 1 pm, and it did not get any bigger all day. Around 11 pm I noticed it was so much better, even my boyfriend was shocked, then around 1 am, I took the last four pills, and the cold sore was almost fully gone the next day, the day after that it was totally gone. I just got the starting of a cold sore this morning, right away I rushed to my doctor, got some more Valtrex. It's a miracle medicine. "
"I got up Sunday morning with a cold sore. Didn't get chance to take Valtrex until Monday afternoon around 2 pm. By Tuesday morning it was already clearing up. And by Thursday it was gone. Usually without taking any medication my cold sore would last about a week and a half to two weeks."
"I have been taking Valtrex for my cold sore breakouts now for 3 and half years. I had bad outbreaks every 3 months before I started taking it. I have been dealing with cold sores for 9 years now. I started taking one pill a day everyday 3 and half years ago. Since that point I have had only 2 small out breaks. It has totally changed my life and made me feel more confident since I am not always worrying about the next outbreak."
"Great medication! I am a hygienist and have been looking for a treatment for cold sores for my patients. I learned about Valtrex in school, but had not had a chance to try until I got an outbreak recently. I had my doctor prescribe me 2g to take 12 hours apart as the herpes labialis prescription suggests and it worked wonders. I got tingling on Tuesday, took medication on Wednesday (had small blister forming at time), and on Thursday it is a small healing scab. Never got big enough for anyone to notice unless I pointed it out (which I did to everyone in my dental office because the healing was so great, they agreed). I am going to recommend for my patients who suffer from frequent cold sores."
"This drug is a miracle! I woke up with a full blown cold sore and went to the Doctor who gave me Valtrex. I was very skeptical because the cold sore was pretty big already, but 12 hours after my first dose, it looks much better and the pain is gone. Will never again waste my time or money on OTC cold sore treatments. This stuff really works!"
"Thanks for the feedback. It has helped me feel better. I'm getting married in a day and a half and woke up this morning with an outbreak! I was so bummed out, so I made an appointment with the doctor immediately. She prescribed Valtrex, and it has been 7 hours since I took the 2 grams and its already starting to work! I hope I wake up and the blisters are all gone! "
"I got a small dot on my lip on Tuesday at work and thought it might be a cold sore coming on but I wasn't sure. By Tuesday evening however I was sure it was a cold sore and started putting Abreva on it. By the time I woke up on Wednesday it was a full blown cold sore. The doctor prescribed Valtrex 2 pills (1000mg each) to take immediately and 2 pills (1000mg each) to take 12 hours later. I was skeptical after reading mixed reviews online, but when I woke up this morning it had already started to scab. Had I not gone to the doctor this would have dragged out for at least 4-5 more days before it even got to the scab phase. I am so relieved to have found this product."
"I took Valtrex twice a day for 1 month. I find it good because I feel cured after I finish my medication. It's awesome."
"I have been taking Valtrex for the past 3 months or so with no outbreaks. I have been dealing with cold sores for over 10 years and this past year was what made me talk to my doctor about getting a prescription. I typically get them when it's cold outside, my immune system is down, or I am stressed. So far so good. I take them everyday with my pill box so I can remember. Works wonders so far. I hate those little buggers, this has been a life saver during the times I have been stressed."
"I went to the doctor with a bottom lip full of cold sores. I was swollen beyond anything (anyone remember Bubba from Forest Gump?). The doctor prescribed Valtrex 1 gram, 3 times a day (every 8 hours). Well, 24 hours have passed, my swelling is down to almost normal, and I'm already in the scab stage. AMAZING! I will be keeping this on hand all the time. By the way, I have been suffering with cold sores for 20 years, and have used everything from Abreva to L-Lysine to other homeopathic remedies. These are the quickest results EVER. Definitely worth the money."
"My face started tingling while I was at work and I had a couple of little pustules starting to form. I put denavir on my cold sore until I could make it to the doctor. 9 hours later my cold sore was more full and I went to the doctor and received a prescription for valtrex. I took my first dose and went to sleep. Later that day I took my second dose and I noticed after my second dose the pustules started to dry up. I read a lot of material saying that you need to take Valtrex before the cold sore actually appears for it to be most effective, but I can truly say that it still works even if the cold sore is visible. I never new that I could get rid of a cold sore so fast. Definitely try Valtrex."
"I take Valtrex for cold sores. Just taking 2, twice a day for one day, and the next day it is gone. It is really a life saver. Anyone who has ever had a cold sore should really talk to your doctor about keeping Valtrex on hand."
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