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It is not always easy to bring happiness to your household. People try and try to bring happiness in to their lives and dispel the darkness but they fail due to the power of destiny. Destiny is not something that is within one’s control and hence people try some or the other way to turn destiny in their favor. It is for this reason people trust on black magic amulets and protection charms to help them lead the life they deserve. Thailand and Cambodia are very well known for the most powerful magical charms. Their charms seem to turn luck into your favor and hand over your heart’s desire to you. There are many amulets and souvenirs that are available in South East Asia that can help you to turn your life around in a flash. There are two such powerful objects which have the power to change the course of destiny and they are-

• Gumanthong- Gumanthong is the statue of a small boy that has to be worshipped as your own child. Legend goes that stillborn babies were taken from the graves by the occult practitioners and then they were roasted. After burning them , they were covered in cold and hence they became the golden boy. Then the occult practitioners used mantras in order to invoke the ghost of the baby boy inside the souvenir. The baby boy’s ghost is supposed to be very lucky for the household and the owner. However, nowadays stillborn babies are no longer used to create a Gumanthong. Instead, it is created from the mud of the cemetery and wood and clay. The monks use the specific mantras to invoke the ghost into the souvenir.

Original gumanthongs are very rare to come by these days and you have to be absolutely sure about their originality before venturing forth and buying them. Some people prefer to use the gumanthong as an amulet. But it is more advisable to be kept in the house in a shelf decorated like a child’s crib. A gumanthong should be treated just like your child and it should be made an offering of food daily. Occasional offerings of toys are also a necessity. If you fail to treat the gumanthong like your own child then it may fail to work for you. If treated rightly it can make you the luckiest man in the universe. It is for this reason that an original gumanthong is often used as a gambling amulet.

• khmer amulet- If you are looking for something to wear on a regular basis , then the Khmer amulet is the one for you. Khmer amulet works as an excellent protective amulet and protects its owners from any kinds of disasters. It also grants every wish of its owner and is hence a must have in any south Asian household. Prosperity and luck will follow your footsteps with the sue of an original khmer amulet which has been blessed by a monk. It also makes for an excellent gifting option.

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