Moisture proof wood flooring here!
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<p>When cleaning the floor, use the mop or rag to wipe off the dust on the floor surface. You need to remind everyone not to use the wet mop or rag when towing the floor to avoid foaming the floor. After wiping, keep the room ventilated for 30 minutes, so that the floor of the water evaporation.</p>
<P>Strengthen the surface of the floor Sprinkle ink, juice and other liquids, you can directly take the semi-dry cloth to wipe, do not need other cleaning agents, it will undermine the strengthening of the surface of the protective material. Therefore, we must not easily use those who seem to function better detergent.</P>
<P>Maintenance of wood flooring is not simply by daily cleaning, waxing is also an important part of wood floor care and maintenance. Wood floors and parquet is necessary for waxing maintenance, so both to increase light, but also extend the useful life of the point. Reminder: in the daily maintenance of the floor is no need to strengthen the waxing. Waxing, on the contrary, tends to get rid of the surface of the reinforced floor, diminishing the brightness of the surface layer and damaging the protective material on the surface of the floor.</P>
<P>Reinforced floor maintenance is actually much simpler than other floors, it does not require a particularly complicated method. However, some problems can not be ignored, otherwise not only waste energy, but to make the floor worse. Strengthen the floor absolutely can not use water to wash, that is to say we usually can not be used in the maintenance of wet mop. At the same time also to avoid hardening the floor surface with sandpaper, or waxing, painting.</P> "cutting a composite railing seamless,cheap floor composite,plastic decking walls "
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