Tottenham Hotspur performance
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 8:34 am    Post subject: Tottenham Hotspur performance Reply with quote
Spurs officials confirmed the news that they will take part in the pre-season Cup tournament held in Saudi Arabia
This is also too much of a rich bar, small partners have been surprised by the results of the draw!
The Watney Mann Invitation Cup first game is like playing the Champions League final! The high-speed operation so I can not have the slightest slack.
The two sides are doing the best, this is a contest from the number of shots well-matched in strength, intense scenes to even the goal is by the other mistakes, a mistake and Tottenham defender Oolong pharmaceutical goalkeeper Lopez each gave each other a points, both 1-1 and shake hands.
They finally collapsed in the second, 1-3 lost to Real Madrid, not only as good as others, but also have problems with the formation, 3241 too fierce, backyard fire.

The turning point in the game emerged at eighty-fifth minutes, C Luo left instigated back, morata was shot dangchu Lopez, Baer volley into the net, the counter ultra score.
The heads of state of failed to timely Bianzhen expressed regret, said Real Madrid do you dare to call 352 I dare to call you back.
Balance at AI and remove the enhanced version of the mad dog model, adjust the speed and flexibility, CPU maintain a certain amount of aggression and defense.
Third field trial remained after the masochistic rhythm, lost 1-2 ~ Dortmund
This is striking one snag after another before the game, Dulm dott.
At the thirty-third minutes, Kaine anti offside success, the ball broke through to the bottom line decisively back to the midfield, with the fire to keep up with the dead corner of the goal! Aubameyang has demonstrated his top into the true colour of a hero, a help win 2-1 Dortmund. cheap fifa coins
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