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Article From Article Directory Database Have you ever wondered what a dream is? It can be defined as a sensation, idea, emotion or images that a person may experience involuntarily while sleeping during the different stages of sleep. This is a much researched topic and also has a scientific name for its study which is oneirology. People have not fully grasped the purpose and content of dreams and it has also sparked a lot of scientific, philosophical and religious debates. Science has shown that they occur during the stage when brain activity is very high and the activity resembles that of a person who is fully awake. During this stage a personís dream is very memorable and vivid Eddie Vanderdoes Jersey , other stages of sleep can also have them but they tend to be less vivid or memorable. The typical duration is roughly 10-30 minutes while others may last for just a few seconds.

It has been recorded that only few people have just over 7 dreams in a night, with the multitude only experiencing two to six dream in a night. This occurs during the stage where brain activity is highest. When a person sleeps for eight hours a night the time when he experiences them is just under eight hours. Recent research on dreams has shown that it can be the connection between peopleís conscious and unconscious mind. When a person has a dream it can be used to show an experience the person had whether it was sexual, sad, magical exciting or melancholic. It is known for a fact that a person has absolutely no control on it except when if he uses lucid dreams then he is fully aware. Most artistes have shown that they sometimes draw inspiration from them. Other people have put forward opinion that they receive messages, prophesies Obi Melifonwu Jersey , future predictions from deities in the form of what they experience as they sleep.

Recent researches have also put forward other theories with critics saying that they can be manifestations of a personís anxieties, desires or secrets. The dream can also be tied down to a childhood memory, an obsession or a future expectation. One can also search for some of the psychological methods of interpreting them and a series of genius methods of understanding the motifs or symbols that may appear. It can also be a connection to a past life which you might have left behind due to different occurrences or conditions. All in all they are one of lifeís mysteries and are cherished by many people.

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